Exhausted but Inspired, Devon, England


We have taken a few days in Devon, southern england. In desperate need of a recharge we found ourselves ready to call it a day, to book a return flight back to Australia. We found a small chalet at a holiday park here in Brixham, a quaint little harbour town and holiday destination. Being back in England has been confronting, being here makes me feel closer to understanding what it must mean to die. A life and a world I was a part of and now find myself so far away from physically and spiritually. Yet my indigenous belonging is to this land, it’s confusing.


Basil’s gratitude for a few simple and easy days by the coast has been obvious. He too a sensitive soul has walked with us on this journey open to all that we have placed him within. Here however, the pace has slowed and crabbing, rock climbing, wrestling, stories and lego creations have dominated our time….its been play medicine!



Engaging in a quest for something, something that possibly doesn’t exist yet has been one of the most challenging things I think I’ve ever taken on. We have seen many places now, had many many conversations with others on similar quests, others not on quests, others who have offered their support, shared their personal stories of conflict and dissatisfaction with the education system and others who have offered their concerns. It has all led me to here, to this place where I have a wealth of information to decipher, to process and to understand.


Over the past few weeks, several new sign posts have presented themselves and have ignited a new sense of inspiration. The chaotic and unpredictable paths of internet research have led me to exciting new places within the education revolution, Tinkering and Maker spaces and the homeschool resource centre. The knowledge of these movements has entered me and enabled me to finally feel clearer in a vision. As our time in America draws closer we are busy making contact with spaces to visit and experience in person. I believe we are now on a path much closer to our light at the end of this, much closer to the physical of what until now has been just vibrations. I’m excited.


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